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Noralto Elementary's Parent Voices

The Vanir Foundation celebrated their annual "Pathways to Success" fundraiser on Saturday, October 24th.The keynote speaker, Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson, said "there is nothing more important than providing our children a pathway to success. Thanks to organizations like the Vanir Foundation, we are guiding our young people in a positive direction." Noralto Principal, Brad Allen and Noralto Parents, Richard and Etelvina (Tele) Carrazana spoke about the importance of parent engagement in their children’s academic success. The Carrazanas have two children attending Noralto (pre-school & 1st grade). Both parents are on the school site council and are very aware of the challenges of the community and finding ways to support children's needs. In addition, these parents are both teachers at the school next door, where most Noralto students attend after they leave. The Carrazanas also supported Noralto’s Science/Engineering night last year with an interactive booth. Their oldest child attended the Kindergarten field trip last year and is currently using the new chrome books (now as a first grader) provided through the Vanir Foundation. “We as parents need to be involved in our children’s lives and in the school programs, so that we can become active partners in their academic success” stated Mrs. Carrazana. The Vanir Foundation is proud to support programs which stimulate parent engagement, like the Science and Engineering Night, because we understand the vital role that parents play in the academic success of their children. In addition, the Vanir Foundation funds the purchase of Chromebooks in the classroom, so that those children, who would otherwise not have access to technology at home, can learn to use it and build their skills at school.

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