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Sam Lee

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Sam Lee is the Chief Financial Officer of Vanir. He is responsible for overseeing all financial planning, risk management, record keeping and financial reporting activities for the company. He is also responsible for ensuring that effective internal controls are in place that comply with accounting standards and applicable federal, state and local regulatory requirements for financial and tax reporting.

Sam, who joined the Vanir team in February 2022, has more than 35 years of accounting and finance experience, including more than 25 years within the professional services industry and over 20 years within the A/E/C industry (government-related projects). He has a proven track record of helping companies throughout Northern California increase their revenue, cash flow and profitability while simultaneously reducing overhead costs.

Sam holds a Master’s Degree in International Finance and a Bachelor’s Degree in Finance from St. John’s University. He is also a member of the Construction Financial Management Association and serves as the Finance Director for the Silicon Valley Product Management Association.

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