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Esmeralda Peña

Esmeralda Peña serves as Vanir’s Executive Vice President of Human Resources (HR), building a culture of engagement, innovation and opportunity for our employees and the many clients and communities we serve.

Esmeralda has more than 15 years of hands-on HR and management experience and is responsible for overseeing the planning, implementation and management of all of Vanir’s HR operations. Her accomplishments include implementing a comprehensive strategic plan and design of HR operations to improve effectiveness in staff recruitment, retention and professional development.

Esmeralda holds both a Master of Business Administration and a Bachelor’s Degree in HR Management from California State University, Sacramento.

She serves on the board for the Sacramento Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, as co-chair of the board for the Latino Economic Council of Sacramento and is an active member of several other community-based organizations. Esmeralda has mentored scores of HR professionals at all career stages as well as many young aspiring professionals in many industries. Esmeralda supports the Cesar Chavez Youth Leadership Conference a treasured program of UC Davis. This program is a free college and career motivational event for junior high, high school, community college students, parents, and community members. Students explore college choices, connect with community resources and learn from professional role models to help them plan for their future career.

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