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Early Literacy Program proves successful

The graduating students at Tyrrell Elementary School look forward to a bright future. The Vanir Foundation gives achievement awards to selected students in the graduating classes. The “Best Overall Student” award is given to three deserving sixth grade student who far exceeds all expectations. The 6th grade class, teachers and staff take a secret vote to select the deserving student. This year, Leonor de Jesus, Yahaira Venegas, Joanna Togiai and Abdurrahman Haniff were selected for this award. Vanir Ambassadors Victor Lopez and Omar Galvan attended the graduation ceremony. They handed out certificates with monetary awards to each of the students. Mr. Galvan stated, “There was a lot of appreciation from the staff and students about what the Vanir Foundation is doing for the school…we hope to do a lot more next year”. The Vanir Foundation wishes all Tyrrell students success in the coming years ahead!

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